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In a turbulent economy where industry is increasingly finding capital expansions hard to justify to investors, continued growth is at risk. Opportunities for cost savings have been squeezed alarmingly thin and law suits and lay-offs are the order of the day. Conventional problem-solving approaches will no longer do. The uncertainty of not being able to predict the end of economic decline creates a crippling effect to business and its operations.

Organisations that have struggled to compete in this hostile environment have packed up and closed shop while others simply learn to contain costs and delay the inevitable. For another breed of business, staying afloat is the bare minimum. This bunch is led by minds that havenÕt only learnt to ride the wave of innovation with fresh ideas, but they continually redesign that wave. They are unique in their approach to problem-solving. They understand that survival in a world of unorthodox problems, solutions have to be cutting edge.

At SASS, we birth such minds. Our consultants thrive on designing models to tackle new problems head on. We find opportunity in constraints. Our diverse team of experienced business consultants spans across industries and expertise. Our clients enjoy deep and wide counsel on their areas of focus, knowing that they can make critical strategic decisions that are backed up by industry experts. We partner with clients to solve complex business problems in their respective environments. Through our vast range of results-driven services, we aim to enable our clients to make decisions that are quick and profitable with long-lasting benefits.